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TDC Lifestyle Partners


Welcome to our Luxury Lifestyle Partners page, otherwise known as “In Good Company” where we invite you to explore a curated selection of trusted collaborators who elevate the concept of home beyond interior design.


At TDC, we understand that true luxury extends far beyond aesthetics; it encompasses a lifestyle characterized by comfort, sophistication, and seamless experiences. All of this and more, can be found in the passion and purpose of our growing list of lifestyle partners in service to our clients.


For additional information regarding any of the partners listed,

please feel free to reach out us at

TDC Director of Lifestyle
Design & Support

Luxury Lifestyle & Hospitality Concierge, as well as a seasoned event planner, her expertise related to the elements that make a house a home is rivaled only by her organization and passion for the wellness of her clients. Coaching and assisting TDC in enhancing the at-home experience from a holistic perspective provides the platform for a unique portfolio of services few national firms possess.  

Services | Custom Lifestyle Design & Management,Event Planning, and Estate/Property Management.
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Wine Sommelier & Grill Master

Seasoned sommelier, restaurant professional, and grill master with a passion for elevating culinary experiences through expertly curated wine selections and impeccable food pairings. With a wealth of knowledge in both wine and cuisine, he specializes in providing high-end yet approachable recommendations that delight the palette and enhance any dining occasion 

Services | Wine Cellar Curation, Wine Tastings, Food & Wine Pairings
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Custom Bar Design, Staging & Mixology

Visionary mixologist known for his inventive cocktails and luxury bar setups. Crafting unforgettable drinking experiences, blending classic favorites with innovative twists, each sip reflects his unwavering dedication to excellence, redefining the boundaries of mixology one extraordinary drink at a time. 

Services | Specialty Bar Design/Build, Curated Spirits/Glassware, and Custom Cocktail Menus
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Kitchen Garden Designer & Coach

Garden expert and real-food advocate, Katie is fueled by her mission to help clients develop courage and confidence in the garden, deepening their connection with food, and discovering the transformative nature of garden-to-table living.

Services | Custom Kitchen Garden Design, Build, Install, and Garden Coaching
Visual Story-Maker & Brand Strategist

Building Soulful & Intentional Brands. Sonya has a deeply rooted desire to thoughtfully connect people with stories that resonate. Stories that are, filled with authenticity/depth, evidence of lives fully lived and legacies built.

Services | Brand Voice & Visual Identity Development, Storytelling Photography
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Personal & Private Event Chef

Leading guests through an unforgettable private dining culinary experience in the comfort of your home with fully custom menu planning and professionally presented courses by the Chef himself.

Services | Custom Dinner Menus, Private Dinning Chef, Chef Led Skills Classes
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